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Travel Agency License

About Travel Agency License

Travel and tourism is one of the major markets in the UAE, As it has established as a global destination for leisure travel, with more than 75% of the travel group composition being families and couples as per Arabian business news. The tourists can visit and stay in luxury hotels and reports, Theme parks, high class adventure parks, various safari and resorts etc. So, as a travel agent there is a massive opportunity promote your tour packages, Visas etc. to clients in different countries.

The government has invested a great deal of resources to change the city of Dubai and the surrounding area into a tourism and leisure destination. The arrival of 20 million visitors per year supports this explosion.
Travel Agency

A Travel Agency License In Dubai Requirements

Would you like to start a Business as travel service in the UAE? Let us talk about the process involved in doing so. Tourism services are available in many flavors. Firstly, ask yourself two questions: Can you open a tourism business in the UAE?

Different kinds of licenses may be required in the United Arab Emirates before you can become a business owner and sell your transportation service. Typically, there are four kinds of licenses:
  1. travel company license
  2. inbound travel agency license
  3. travel agent license
  4. outbound travel agency license.

Tourists who visit the UAE must be registered with the government through a license. For example, companies should possess a working agent, complete visa application procedures, and follow all procedures related to the licenses of travel agents.

Now that all the legal requirements necessary for running a tourism business in the UAE are met and your marketing method is ready to begin, you can now concentrate on those same plans.

Travel Agency


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