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Family Case , Dubai

Family attorneys can be found in the United Arab Emirates.

Your legal matter is fundamental. Be able to get the help you need and deserve.

Divorce is a discouraging word, yet family attorneys can aid you begin over. If you believe you require help, make sure you move quickly. Experienced assistance can both protect and enhance your wealth.

Family law is the practice of family law.

Pre- and post-nuptial agreements, domestic violence, separation and divorce, child custody, and guardianship are some examples of family law troubles.

Most marital disputes, divorces, the succession of persons, and child custody in the UAE are governed by Federal Law No. 28 of 2005 (Personal Status Law) and its official amendments. Citizens and their dependants in the UAE are subject to the law unless they prefer their own country’s laws based on Shariah principles, and those laws are upheld across all Emirates.

Under certain situations, UAE courts have the authority to hear cases involving foreign nationals who do not have any address or place of residence within the country.

The Personal Status Law has undergone changes due to recent amendments. As an example, the new Marriage Act allows a marriage annulment, so the financial implications of that and asset division and alimony are now governed by the country in which the marriage took place when an expatriate dies in the UAE.

Taking a gentle approach to family mattes

It’s crucial that you have suitable legal counsel during stressful times and stressful times. The nature of the career often requires taking a patient and quiet approach to family disputes, financial matters, or legal processes when the kids are involved.

Our family law attorneys are honored to provide you with the assistance and information you need. They will assist you with negotiations and settlements, as well as with registering favorable terms outside or in the UAE. Furthermore, they will ensure that you receive favorable outcomes in court.

Regardless of what situation you’re in, you can depend on our assistance and support. We like to see you relaxed no matter how difficult things might be.

Local knowledge, global experience

As common and more-established personal lawyers in Dubai, we are cognizant of the numerous variations between nationality, faith, and residency status.

When it comes to family law, our attorneys use their international experiences to lend a better understanding of the particulars of the local community. This combination allows us to better serve the matters of those involved in relationships of one’s specific background, such as a spouse.

Legal services

We ensure that your assets get to the right beneficiaries.

We offer a wide range of services to ensure our clients' needs are met.

We thoroughly examine all facets of jobs and develop a solution.

We are capable of managing intricate real estate deals involving several parties.

We will devise debt collection plans to help you better manage your cash flow and liquidity.

For lawsuits involving contractual matters, banking, and insurance, I am a reliable source.

We not only sympathize with crime victims, but we can also give you the required legal support.

We make sure that all dispositions are clearly set out in a concise, easy-to-understand fashion.

During civil litigation, our staff will listen to your legal inquiries and offer guidance.

We investigate and resolve the matter so that your good name is not spoiled.

In addition to offering support services, we can help you register your firm and launch it.

We strive to find an equitable solution for all privacy needs.