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Civil Cases,UAE

Civil Cases IN UAE

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Legal assistance is available at all times.

Civil law is the system that sets down the rules that regulate people and their equipment, goods, and interactions in society. It also provides a detailed, orderly list of persons’ rights and their responsibilities.

In summary, civil law governs the activities and general welfare of people and organizations.

UAE civil law is in force.

The UAE is developing as a potential world trade hub, thanks to geographic benefits and government incentives and directives. Increased foreign investment and rising numbers of international residents make the UAE government increasingly interested in maintaining the highest degrees of civil well-being. This is done through policies, laws and regulations to facilitate secure and trouble-free business operations of everyone’s lives and actions.

The UAE legal system involves several aspects of civil law and private transactions and civil disputations. Although not all of its foundational principles are explicitly based on the Islamic laws, there are other aspects influenced by France’s and the Romans’ legal systems.

The UAE Civil Code applies to everyone living in the United Arab Emirates, whether they are Emirati or external.

Civil law's scope and scale

Our team of reputable lawyers has many years of experience handling a wide range of civil cases.:

The most common personal civil cases in the UAE are those involving landlords and tenants, as well as those involving contracts, debt collection, and organizational negligence. Commercial cases are typically about breach of contract.

Commercial and civil courts

Courts hear cases involving individuals’ financial rights as well as institutional entities such as businesses and government departments. These cases may involve disagreements over the validity, implementation, cancellation, or termination of contracts, intellectual property, real estate, or mortgages.

The Major Circuit hears cases with a claimed value of more than AED 100,000 at the Court of First Instance, while cases with a claim value of less than AED 100,000 are heard by the Minor Circuit.

Commercial Courts deal with commercial contracts and commitments, banking processes, commercial papers, bankruptcy, and its resolution.

Legal actions in civil cases

Through a variety of professional measures, we provide unwavering support and advisory services for civil cases in the UAE.
Legal counsel : Professional advice and practical solutions to dispute resolution and litigation avoidance.
Due diligence : entails conducting all necessary investigations and feasibility studies prior to the drafting of any contract.
Contracts: Addressing contract breaches and/or enforcing contractual obligations, with a full range of services available to both individuals and institutions.
Agreements: Assistance in enforcing or disputing agreements, particularly tenancy agreements, as well as providing legal representation when necessary.
Legal representation : Legal representation on either side of any civil case in the UAE for both individuals and institutions.

Legal services

We ensure that your assets get to the right beneficiaries.

We offer a wide range of services to ensure our clients' needs are met.

We thoroughly examine all facets of jobs and develop a solution.

We are capable of managing intricate real estate deals involving several parties.

We will devise debt collection plans to help you better manage your cash flow and liquidity.

For lawsuits involving contractual matters, banking, and insurance, I am a reliable source.

We not only sympathize with crime victims, but we can also give you the required legal support.

We make sure that all dispositions are clearly set out in a concise, easy-to-understand fashion.

During civil litigation, our staff will listen to your legal inquiries and offer guidance.

We investigate and resolve the matter so that your good name is not spoiled.

In addition to offering support services, we can help you register your firm and launch it.

We strive to find an equitable solution for all privacy needs.