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Contract drafting

Contracts for corporations and businesses

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Get them professionally and legally crafted.

Contracts, commitments, and financial documents are a requirement for keeping businesses operating for all kinds of businesses. They are formal, sometimes complex, and must be accompanied by provisions intended to withstand legal challenges.

Verbal contracts are hard to support, so it is a good idea to have clear written contracts with customers, suppliers, partners, part owners, third parties, and government agencies.

A law firm can help you do all aspects of contract law.

The elements of a commercial contract.

UAE commercial transactions are governed by Sharia law, Civil Transactions Law No. 5 of 1985 (the Civil Code), which is based on the sharia principle. The principle of good faith, which is codified in the Civil Code and is an essential element of commercial contracts, calls for each contracting party to act honestly and fairly.

A commercial contract should contain the following essential elements, based on the Civil Code:

When determining whether a contract is legal, the courts take into account the following factors :

Commercial agency legislation

We provide advice on a variety of commercial uses needed in the UAE on a daily basis, taking into the account the nature of the business and also certain commercial or legal risks. We also supply information on type of commercial uses, as well as commercial agency regulations.

As experienced lawyers, we work hard to ensure that your interests are properly protected in a wide range of commercial contracts:

Telecommunications, purchases, corporate structures, articles of association, memoranda, partnership agreements,
Financing for real estate,
Documents for construction,
Employment agreements , &
Non-disclosure contracts, share purchases, management and operational contracts, agreements on marketing and sales, service and consulting contracts, franchises, distributorships, and commercial agencies, commercial real estate transactions are all examples of collaborations.

Contracting for corporations and businesses

Our in-depth comprehension of the regulatory requirements of the United Arab Emirates allows us to render the best and most cost-effective guidance, without neglecting any legal obligations or goals.

Our lawyers and account managers provide a broad range of commercial contract services, including personalized consultation:

We have strong working relationships with various regulatory authorities, which allows us to stay up to date on new developments in key practice areas. This means that our advice is concise, up-to-date, practical, and pragmatic.

Contracts with the government

The Legal Affairs Department of the Government of Dubai frequently reviews contracts and agreements to which Dubai government entities are parties, both to protect their interests and to ensure compliance with current legislation.

Likewise, authorities in other jurisdictions typically review legal documents in which their own governments are parties. It is crucial that such contracts are properly drafted and completely reviewed before submission.

Contracts and agreements that set up financial conditions for government entities and monetize them are recommended. Contracts and other legal documents pertaining to procurement IT contracts in which the government participates are also used.

Legal services

We ensure that your assets get to the right beneficiaries.

We offer a wide range of services to ensure our clients' needs are met.

We thoroughly examine all facets of jobs and develop a solution.

We are capable of managing intricate real estate deals involving several parties.

We will devise debt collection plans to help you better manage your cash flow and liquidity.

For lawsuits involving contractual matters, banking, and insurance, I am a reliable source.

We not only sympathize with crime victims, but we can also give you the required legal support.

We make sure that all dispositions are clearly set out in a concise, easy-to-understand fashion.

During civil litigation, our staff will listen to your legal inquiries and offer guidance.

We investigate and resolve the matter so that your good name is not spoiled.

In addition to offering support services, we can help you register your firm and launch it.

We strive to find an equitable solution for all privacy needs.