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Accounts Receivables

Accounts Receivable Assistance

Are you owed money by a company in the UAE?

The ideal scenario for resolving unpaid debt disputes is taking the dispute out of court yourself. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible, in which case more-traditional methods for recovery are used, such as sending overdue notices, recording phone calls, an attempt to reach an agreement, and sending demand letters. If you experience problemsed resolution, you may end up having bad debts on record and will need professional assistance.

Explore legal assistance and the billing service available for those in need.

Hire a law firm.

As a law firm channel partner, we possess a lot more clout when it comes to obtaining your overdue debts. Our legal consultants and advocates are experienced with corporate debt recovery and the enforcement of creditors’ rights. Based on the circumstances of the case, we assess each situation and choose the best collection procedures.

We have assisted a wide range of clients with a wide variety of financial obligations. Regardless of the particulars of their situation, we are dedicated to enabling them to achieve a satisfactory outcome. We are persistent and thorough in our approach.

Get a lot of help.

Outstanding receivables can have a huge impact on your resources. We can help in managing outstanding payments, cash flow, and improving your financial position. We also help you in better managing accounts receivable, no matter the type of your business.

You can expect personalized service.

Our skilled lawyers and case managers have solid experience with matters related to past debts. They excel at advising on how to deal with such problems, such as pursuing recovery of funds due to breach of a contract or some other instance when prior attempts failed to solve it.

We make sure the claims are resolved without delays and that essential legal action follows, in the event that you desire our teams to guide you through these processes.

Select the appropriate option.

Our team has a portfolio of legal alternatives designed to shortly address the debtor claim.

Maintain equilibrium

We believe in striking a balance between paying promptly and maintaining commercial or business relationships with your debtor.

We like to maintain the balance between meeting your financial needs and maintaining existing or potential business relationships with debtors.

Advantages of early intervention

We consider the requirements of the local business community in pursuing our broad scope of legal expertise to provide obvious, speedy, and relatively inexpensive recoveries for our clients. As a result, many merit cases are resolved quickly and effectively without wasting time and resources.

We’ve been able to learn all the facts and legal advantages of the matter in order for it to be resolved quickly by being as forthright as is possible with us. We’ve a better opportunity to create and enforce plans against the debtor.

Legal services

We ensure that your assets get to the right beneficiaries.

We offer a wide range of services to ensure our clients' needs are met.

We thoroughly examine all facets of jobs and develop a solution.

We are capable of managing intricate real estate deals involving several parties.

We will devise debt collection plans to help you better manage your cash flow and liquidity.

For lawsuits involving contractual matters, banking, and insurance, I am a reliable source.

We not only sympathize with crime victims, but we can also give you the required legal support.

We make sure that all dispositions are clearly set out in a concise, easy-to-understand fashion.

During civil litigation, our staff will listen to your legal inquiries and offer guidance.

We investigate and resolve the matter so that your good name is not spoiled.

In addition to offering support services, we can help you register your firm and launch it.

We strive to find an equitable solution for all privacy needs.