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The criminal code in the UAE is a complicated one because it encompasses official Sharia law and charges alongside international criminal laws. It is broad in scope, encompassing felony charges ranging from petty theft to cyber theft, and from insulting another person to causing their death, either incidentally or intentionally.

The UAE Criminal Code categorizes violations of society’s rules as misdemeanours, violations (or countercultures), and felonies, with abuse among the penultimate examples. Similarly, the punishmentswiming fines, penalties, and imprisonment to compensating victims’ heirs and imposed on immediate deportation and lifetime avalonmentare likewise the classifications’ descriptions.

Have you ever been accused, assaulted, or abused?

We offer sound advice on many different matters, for individuals and organizations contemplating legal action against perpetrators or who are themselves under criminal investigation.

If you or a loved is suspected of or accused of a crime, you’ll want a team of criminal lawyers in the UAE to safeguard your rights or defend you in court as justice is served. Criminal charges may be due to a simple oversight or an honest error, and proper legal representation can stop the registration from escalating. On the other hand, you might wish to call a legal representative to assist you with a predicament you are experiencing.

When do you require the services of a criminal lawyer?

If you are a suspect, you may be asked to attend police station interrogations or investigations, or you may face criminal charges.

Legal assistance begins with consultation and assessment, followed by strategic case management, coordination with other lawyers, and legal representation from arraignment to trial.

In the United Arab Emirates, criminal lawyers represent their clients at police stations, Public Prosecution offices, courts of first instance, cassation and appeal, and the Federal Supreme Court.

What are the definitions of crimes?

Drug crimes: Drugs law and penalties in the United Arab Emirates are severe. The punishment for drug offenses is based upon the type and amount of drugs, the intent to sell or distribute them in the first place, prior criminal records, and the situation of the case.

Cybercrime: Almost everything we do is connected to information technology (ICT). It improves our lives, but its rapid growth poses severe threats to security and privacy. Cybercrime is an umbrella term encompassing a wide variety of offenses committed by means of information and communication technology, including cybercrime, digital fraud, hacking, and phishing.

Violent crimes: With the UAE’s low violent crime rating, legal counsel is typically required in cases of assault and kidnapping. Manslaughter is defined as an act committed without criminal intent, premeditation, or prior surveillance, and wilful or intentional killing, which includes first degree or second degree murder and homicide. Involuntary manslaughter situations are common.

Financial crimes: Financial crimes include credit card fraud, bank and loan fraud, forgery, identity theft, embezzlement, and the all-too-common bounced cheque. Having an in-house clerical staff allows us to provide legal counsel for any credit card or personal fraud we recover from.

Theft: Simple theft is categorized as a violation without regard for the circumstances of the theft, which typically includes and may result in misdemeanor charges, fines, probation, or imprisonment for worse offenses, such as those committed with weapons. With seasoned legal counsel, the case can be defended more effectively, lesser fees and different legal protections will be secured, and the penalties will be reduced.

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