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Labour Case,UAE

Cases Concerning Labor

Dubai Labor Court is a place where both employers and employees are welcome.

Legal proceedings pertaining to labor disputes are costly, time-consuming, and taxing on both parties. However, if a resolution cannot be reached, one party or parties may file for legal action against each other. These cases are heard in Dubai at the Dubai Labour Court, which is overseen by the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE).

Some subchapters on labor in Dubai, along with the resolution of the matter, are listed below:

A summary of labor disputes

When an application or request for mediation is filed with MOHRE, a party may choose to participate in a mediation session with the assistance of the Twa-fouq Department. At this point, neither party is obligated to accept any proposed settlement.

If a peaceful settlement can’t be reached at Twa-Fouq, the Department will refer the parties to Al Adheed Centre, a Dubai Courts satellite office. Within two weeks (two) after receiving the request, the Centre will prepare a statement of claims and electronically transmit it to the Dubai Labour Court, along with supporting documents. The referred case will contain a brief outline of matters at stake.

Within three (three) business days of receiving the case, the Dubai Labour Court will schedule a hearing and notify both parties. Before proceedings begin, the court may request a representative from the Department explain the contents of their summary.

In numerous Dubai’s free zones, the mediation process needs to take place at the relevant free zone authority.

Court costs

If a court fees 5% of the claim under certain circumstances, this fee cannot exceed Dhs20,000.

If an employee files a lawsuit, he is exempt from having to pay court fees up to Dhs. 100,000. If the amount in dispute exceeds Dhs. 100,000, he is required to pay 5  of the total amount claimed, not to exceed Dhs. 20,000.

Judgment fees are payable after the conclusion of a divorce judgment. They are listed in the execution statement and must be paid whenever fully.

Legal Costs

All parties in Dubai are responsible for the cost of their own legal fees and associated disbursements. The exception is a small (nominal) sum that can be awarded to the winning party at the final hearing at the discretion of the presiding officer.

Dubai’s Labor Court process can go on for an extended period of time, which can place you in a difficult financial position. Before filing a lawsuit, you should evaluate this aspect.

Legal proceedings

The Dubai Labor Court has its headquarters conducted in Arabic.

The Dubai Labour Court typically hears cases without the parties having to give statements. Instead, each party must submit written pleadings, including documentary evidence such as employment contracts, correspondence between the parties, and bank statements. All documents submitted to the court must be in Arabic or translated into Arabic by an accredited translator by the Dubai Labor Court.

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